E-Commerce Packaging Can Have Either a Positive or Negative Impact on Your Sales … It’s Your Choice

e-commerce packaging

E-commerce is now a necessity rather than a choice for many retailers. The public, and businesses, have really embraced the ability to simply go online, choose, buy and await delivery.

Online purchases are growing and there appears to be no sign of them slowing down, only increasing in pace. The multiples are selling online, the mid-tier sellers are offering products online and there are thousands of ‘cottage industry’ businesses posting products out day in and day out. This increase is driving greater innovation in packaging as it’s proven that the e-commerce packaging used makes a big difference to the perception of the recipient. People will no longer put up with a hastily thrown together box with poor branding or inadequate structure.
Your ecommerce packaging must be an extension of your brand. If selling exclusively online, it’s the only opportunity you have to get your brand experience into the hands of your customer. It absolutely has to be right to encourage them to shop again and to build trust and loyalty with a delighted customer.

So, what’s changed about the packaging since online started to become a phenomenon?

If you go back twenty years when the internet was still in its infancy, larger businesses tended to just go to a supplier selling standardised boxes and smaller suppliers were less fussy. It was often a ‘make do’. However, branding, ‘made for purpose’ solutions and Customer Experience (CX) are now uppermost in people’s minds.

The e-commerce packaging solutions designed and manufactured by Manor Packaging today are worlds away from those bygone days. The structures themselves are designed to be as strong as needed but with little waste or excess. The print, both inside and out, is of excellent quality representing you, the seller, at the highest level and showing your product in its best light.

The range and variety of packaging is vast as are the products inside them. For example, advent calendar boxes with everything from craft ales, vodkas and whiskies behind each door to spa products, luxury confectionery and cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. Packaging specifically designed for deliveries via the postal services, directly through the letterbox are myriad … and so the quality and innovations must keep pace with the expectation in support of the brands.

Statista predicted in 2014 that an increase in worldwide e-commerce sales will, by 2021, show growth of almost three times the current revenue … or 246.15% to be exact. The trend is not a fad, it is here to stay and we, as packaging specialists, must continue to push the limits to come up with better and better solutions that are cost effective, customer focused and absolutely fit for purpose.