Businesses that trade online, and therefore have to deliver packaged goods, could really suffer if they don’t get it right.
Studies tell us that 33% of customers think of a business as unprofessional when they receive packaging that is mediocre, damaged or even plain boring. Imagine if you spend time, effort and money developing your brand only to have it undone by e-commerce packaging that doesn’t come up to the mark. More costly perhaps, reports also state that 50% of consumers are more likely to…

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Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Transit boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, shipping boxes – it doesn’t really matter what you call them as long as they adequately protect your goods, give instructions to distributors and/or promote your brand in transit.

Even plain transit boxes that are designed to ship your product from A to B undamaged need just as much care and thought to go into them as…
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Printed Boxes

Manufacturing and producing printed boxes is core to our business.  As we operate a very diverse range of printing machines you can utilise the following expert processes to achieve the most cost, time and resource effective solutions…
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Shelf Ready Packaging / Retail Ready Packaging

There are many variants of Shelf Ready Packaging or Retail Ready Packaging we can offer you, in line with the objective of your SRP/RRP being to increase primary pack sales and broaden your brand awareness.

The SRP/RRP we produce for you is designed to be uncomplicated to pack and withstand transportation…
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Die cut packaging begins with the design and, with many years of experience designing and manufacturing die-cut packaging, we believe our packaging designers to be amongst the best in the UK.

Confidence is high with our clients so our trained and skilled design team are often simply given a
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Pallet Boxes

The tray, cap, sleeve and pallet style products we produce give you a wide variety of options and flexibility for packaging and shipping yours goods around the UK and across the rest of the world.

As a leading manufacturer of pallet boxes, we can provide a…
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POS/POP Display Packaging

The design and manufacture of high impact display stands is just one of our specialities. Whether you are looking for a Counter Top Display, Floor Standing Display Unit (FSDU) or a bespoke design option, we can produce innovative displays that will…
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Stock & Serve, Co-Packing, Distribution & 3PL

image073The operational and manufacturing side of your packaging is only part of the story. Once your ‘cardboard boxes’ have been manufactured they will need to be delivered in full or stored and ‘drip fed’ in line with your needs and requirements.
You’ll find that with Manor Packaging you can have one service, a combination of services or all of them together effectively managing your cardboard packaging needs from start to finish…

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