Fencor_Aug_2012_005Dedicated Corrugated Packaging Manufacturers Who Help You Achieve Your Objectives

Our focus is to provide you with cardboard packaging that’s completely fit for purpose and helps you manage your costs, time and resources in the most effective way. From high quality, multi-colour retail ready packaging to transit boxes with single or no colour.

As a UK manufacturer of cardboard boxes and corrugated packaging we are well equipped to handle both small and large runs, producing a comprehensive selection of corrugated packaging styles, with flexibility across the full range.

The core product range Includes;

We create innovative and bespoke packaging to solve issues for you and your clients and to give you the confidence that the highest standards are adhered to. We believe that our service defines us and it includes the following:

Wide Variety of Bespoke Cardboard Packaging – From simple transit and pallet boxes with no colour or single colour simple print through to complex structural designs for specific products with full colour graphics.

Measurable and Consistently High Print Standards – The print measuring tolerances used are higher than industry standard by 33%. The attention to detail and accuracy we strive for can be illustrated by our colour matching process, in which we utilise an X-Rite Spectrophotometer to match colours against the Pantone Standard. The unit of measurement is Delta and the industry standard is +/-3 Delta. However, our internal standard is measured to just +/-2 Delta, a far tighter tolerance.

Food Packaging – If you use food packaging, you can confidently use Manor Packaging’s products because we‘ve been certified with the BRC/IoP’s Global Standard for Food Packaging and Other Packaging Materials (Low Risk).

Cost Efficiency – By having well trained structural packing designers using the best equipment possible in our fully equipped CAD/CAM facilities you can be assured that waste will be kept to a minimum, your packaging will be 100% fit for purpose and as robust as needed.

Stock and Serve – The burden of storing, managing and financing your stock can be alleviated or, at least, reduced by taking advantage of the considerable experience Manor have in the operation of a highly efficient, weekly, monthly or even daily stock and serve facility.

Please contacts us to discuss how we can help you with your cardboard packaging.