Retail Ready Packaging

retail-picRetail Ready Packaging (RRP) and Sales Ready Packaging
(SRP) That Can Help Sell Your Product

We specialise in the design and manufacture of Retail Ready Packaging and Sales Ready Packaging to suit the needs of any product, any retailer and any market.

Your retail ready packaging must of course contribute towards your brand development and your sales, but it must also ensure that your products withstand being transported and arrive in store undamaged, easily identifiable and easy to open, ready to present your product in its best light.

In order to make sure that your product’s retail ready packaging achieves all these objectives and more, our structural packaging designers and technicians will work closely with you, along with our graphic design team, the production team and, where necessary, the co-packing team, in order to ensure your objectives for your specific retail ready packaging are achieved.

retail-pic1Once your Shelf Ready Packaging/Retail Ready Packaging has done its job it is also important that, wherever possible, it is straightforward to dispose of and helps to reduce packaging waste, which is something else our designers will take into consideration for you.

So, if you would like to discuss how we can help you achieve the most appropriate solutions for your Shelf Ready Packaging and Retail Ready Packaging, please contact us now.

Food & Drink Packaging

Food Packaging and Drinks Packaging That Promotes, Protects and Helps to Sell Your Product


When working with you to create your food packaging and drinks packaging, there are many considerations; two that are uppermost are the hygiene standards necessary and the performance of your packaging, both in transit and in store.

Whilst it may need to be strong and robust if a product is heavy, such as drinks, or if it’s fragile, such as fine chocolate, it must also reflect the market positioning of your food or drinks product. A premium product, even in a transit box, may be required to reflect the quality of the product contained. Your food and drinks packaging should be able to help sell your product as well as keep it safe and that can be a fine balance.

Another consideration will be the type of promotion you are running: for example, a new product launch might necessitate high resolution litho printed packaging; your ‘buy one get one free’ promotion could utilise a lower cost flexo print solution.

If you are looking for a food and drink packaging manufacturer you can be sure that we will consider how best to achieve the balance you need through discussion, design planning and testing.

Your Food Packaging Manufactured to the Highest Standards


As we are certified with the BRC/IoP Global Standard for Food Packaging and Other Packaging Materials for Low Risk (previously Category B), this certification enforces equivalent standard to ISO 9002 in terms of quality management systems and, in addition, imposes stringent hygiene standards throughout our entire production process. You can, therefore, have the confidence you need when we manufacture your food packaging that hygiene, a nut free manufacturing environment, consistency and quality all come as standard.

Please contact us now to discuss your food packaging requirements.


Industrial Packaging

industrial-pic1Industrial Packaging That Is Fit for Purpose

Industrial packaging does of course have many of the same attributes and guidelines as numerous other types of packaging, but the bottom line is, like all packaging, it has to be fit for purpose. At Manor Packaging we will ensure that your packaging is entirely and completely fit for purpose – whatever that purpose is.

Industrial packaging is often used to transport heavy and bulky products so it has to be sufficiently robust to stand up to this test. It may also be that, although an industrial product, it is distributed via retail outlets so the packaging needs far greater detail, high quality presentation and clever structural design.

You may need internal compartments in your packaging to ensure there is no movement, or to protect vulnerable parts; it may be that you must have barriers that are resistant to moisture or machine oil. Whatever challenge you have with your industrial packaging, our designers will work with you to solve them for you in the most effective ways possible.
Whatever your industrial packaging needs, please contact us now and we’ll be happy to help.

Electronics Packaging

electronics2Quality Electronics Packaging for Quality Electronic Products

Many clients have entrusted the presentation and the safe shipment of their high value electronic components and products to us for years as we’ve been able to prove that we can always meet and, often exceed their expectations.

The structural design team appreciate that your electronic products need protection and tailor your packaging as needed: Your packaging needs to prevent movement and ensure that stacking or transportation won’t damage sensitive or easily broken parts. In the case of finished electronic products that are ready to be sold, either wholesale or via a retailer, we also understand that design, cleanliness and quality of print, as well as complexity of design, can be very important to the sale of your product, so it is an area of focus and will be discussed in great detail where needed.

electronics1Understanding RoHS Requirements

As the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (2011/65/EU) was transposed into UK law on 2 January 2013, we made it our business to fully understand the implications and requirements in order to better serve the electronics industry with packaging.

The National Measurement Office (NMO), an Executive Agency of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is currently reviewing and updating its website and we will be monitoring it for any necessary changes.

If you so choose, you have at your disposal a highly innovative and driven packaging design team who will work with you to ensure you get the most effective packaging solution for your products and your needs, considered from all perspectives and in line with your parameters.

Transport and Logistics

transport-picTransport and Logistics – Packaging That Ensures Your Customer’s Product
Arrives Safely, Ready to Be Sold

Today’s supply chain is fairly complex, with different transport and logistics challenges and different issues to overcome. It’s because we understand the nuances of the supply chain that we’re able to help you ensure your customers, and those that depend on you, receive product in the same condition as when it leaves.

You may have to pick and pack it, break larger consignments down into smaller consignments, or perhaps consolidate a host of different products for direct delivery. Maybe you’re co-packing it on behalf of your customer; whatever it is you’re doing with transport and logistics it can present some pretty unique challenges.

As a packaging manufacturer, we have spent years learning the most effective ways of solving problems and issues of our own, for other transport and logistics specialists, and for a multitude of clients, which has given us the experience necessary to help you solve yours.

The development team here at Manor Packaging is always looking for ways to make ‘it’ better, stronger, easier, more cost effective, faster and more visually appealing.

If you think we may be able to help you with your transport and logistics challenges, we would be happy to discuss it with you, so please contact us now.

Horticultural Packaging

horticultural-pic2Horticultural Packaging Which Protects and Helps to Sell Your
Product at the End of Its Journey

Your horticultural packaging needs might well be very complex: it may be that the packaging used to transport your flowers or your vegetables has to arrive looking every bit as clean and fresh as the product inside; perhaps your packaging needs to withstand the rigours of the postal system, or delivery by courier, and still clearly portray the quality and excellence of the product within.

Whatever your objective, it is likely there are numerous options and many opportunities to create a robust and appropriate packaging solution for you. Our design team can ensure that your product is seen in its best possible light.

horticultural-pic1You make sure your product is excellent, so we make sure your packaging matches it, whatever your needs.

We’ll be happy to discuss how you can get the most appropriate solution to consistently achieve your objectives, please contact us now and we’ll be happy to help.

Pharmaceutical, Medical and Health

Pharmaceutical Packaging for Your Medical and Health Supplies

health1As with a great deal of food packaging, medical and pharmaceutical packaging needs to be stringently monitored for hygiene standards and be manufactured in a suitable and approved manufacturing facility.

As Fencor Packaging holds the BRC /IoP Global Standard Food Hygiene Accreditation (Low Risk), which enforces standards equivalent to ISO 9002, you can be sure that the packaging standards we can achieve on your behalf are extremely high.

Boxes used to transport pharmaceutical, medical and health related products, and those used to present them in a retail environment are an area we specialise in. Whether structurally complex or simply robust, whether plain or elaborate, we can help you achieve a cost effective packaging solution.

The type of medical packaging needed for medical instruments and to keep fragile medical equipment safe in transit and storage, such as die cut, composite packs and multi-component packs are another speciality area we can help you with.

Whatever your pharmaceutical packaging or medical packaging need, the structural design team here will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need. So please call now to discuss your requirements.