How Important Is e-Commerce Packaging To Your Success When Your Products Are Delivered Through The Post?

It’s an interesting, and important, question, and one we’ve been discussing in the office more and more over recent months – and that’s because more and more businesses are coming to us for help in creating e-commerce packaging solutions. Solutions range from small to large, simple to complex, plain to highly colourful designs.

What is interesting is that the e-commerce packaging our teams are designing are not just to provide great protection but also to represent a company, products and brands properly, showing them in their best light. The ‘customer experience’ is a major consideration and one that absolutely should not be taken lightly.

The focus on customer experience with ecommerce packaging is reflected in the increasing number of studies which show that the quality of the packaging used when delivering ecommerce goods has a huge impact on the buyer, much more than anyone might have thought.

Packaging Quality Is Important to Your Customers

Figures show that 33% of customers perceive a company as unprofessional if they use poor, or easily damaged, packaging. What this suggests is that all the money spent on building and promoting your brand with web design, high quality images and professional marketing means it can all be undermined and undone by poor ecommerce packaging.

One issue of course is that, generally, the packing team are the lowest paid in the company. Another is that all the attention is on the product and the packaging is often an afterthought.

Some research reports that 50% of consumers said they would be likely to return a product if the outer packaging was either poor quality or was damaged. We all know how expensive returns can be, they can decimate profits. So, is ‘making do’ the right way to go with ecommerce packaging?

The Impact of Graphic Design

Critically, do not undervalue the “WOW” factor your customer experiences when your product is delivered through the post. The positive impact it has on how they perceive your business and products cannot be ignored. Imagine plain packaging which, when opened, creates such a positive reaction that people talk about the packaging almost as much as what is contained within. Customers are even keeping some of the more colourful and detailed packaging for storage – how valuable could that be to the enhancement of your brand?

Imagine your branding, promotional messages and product positioning being kept rather than recycled or, worse, thrown away, the top of mind awareness you gain can translate into a greater number repeat of purchases, recommendations and upsales.

One only has to look to the world’s largest ecommerce business and their packaging and delivery policies for anything bought through its marketplace. Ask anyone if they have ever received a delivery from Amazon that wasn’t in perfect condition and you will struggle to find any answer other than ‘No’.

Is it a fluke, or luck perhaps, that the world’s largest ecommerce business is passionate about the quality of its packaging? Naturally you’ll make up your own mind, however, all the evidence points to the fact that when you get it right it enhances your business – but when you get it wrong – Well, can you afford to?