Great Lead Times Maintained Throughout Peak Trading Periods…

Packaging Lead Times

One of the most often asked questions we’ve heard of late is “What about lead times?” and the statement “We need it yesterday!” It seems lately that many companies have struggled to maintain anywhere near their ‘norm’.

There have been reports of some suppliers lead times stretching out, in extreme instances, up to eight, weeks. Extended lead times can make life incredibly difficult for those that need to have their product packed and shipped to meet their own, or their customer’s, deadlines.

The issue in most cases seems to have been linked to both a shortage of material supply and limited capacity.

At Manor Packaging, however, neither are an issue as we have our own dedicated sheet board supplier in CorrBoard UK, which gives a distinct advantage to our customers. When others are struggling to gain supply in “a reasonable time-frame” we don’t because CorrBoard UK is currently running at around 57% of capacity, producing c127 million sq. metres but with a machine output, with additional shift structures, of some 220 million sq. metres.
Add to that the additional capacity that we can call on at Manor and it’s simple to see why, even in peak times, we have been able to maintain 97% of our usual lead times whereas the industry as a whole increased between 30-40%.