Easypack invest in new Laser Guided XY Glue Table

As part of Fencor Packaging Groups commitment to investing in the latest technology, a new Bickers Glue Jet Table has been installed at the Easypack POP Display site in Mildenhall.

The new glue table enables Easypack;

1) To run production at a consistent pace, with any pattern configuration required.

2) To deliver a stronger bond through the use of two different glues being applied at the same time, hot and cold. The hot adhesive holds the board fast whilst the stronger cold glue cures and sets creating a permanent bond.

3) Consistent, replicable glue patterns – once a pattern has been programmed and saved it can be recalled for future jobs.

The new Glue Table means that you can be positive of receiving your product with the same glue pattern, consistency of application delivering a dependable and replicable bond with resilient and flexible glue joints … guaranteeing the safety of your product.