Increase Your Online Sales Using E-Commerce Packaging Boxes

Reports state that 50% of consumers are more likely to reject a delivery if the outer e-commerce packaging is of poor quality or damaged. If the expense of returning goods, restocking and cancelled sales are factored in the effect on profits can be debilitating.

There are also countless examples and studies where poor packaging has been proven to lose sales, whilst good e-commerce packaging boxes are proven to increase sales.

Online business traders have to deliver their products by mail or courier – either way it has to be packaged. If they don’t get it right they can really suffer.

As an example: Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer of products – they really understand the value of using excellent e-commerce packaging. You won’t find anybody who has been in receipt of a badly packaged product from Amazon, or from their partners who supply product direct, as they are also bound by the same high standards of e-commerce packaging.

Another example of the power of E-commerce packaging argues that your packaging should be considered part of your product. You can find out more about that article here.

There are increasing numbers of requests for the design and manufacture of e-commerce packaging boxes of all shapes and sizes. Some are complex with brand-supporting print whilst others are plain and simple – both are increasing all the time.

The trend for protective packaging that is promoting the product, the brand, the company or all three is also increasing. Businesses are realising that e-commerce packaging boxes are a very strong marketing opportunity. The customer experience is one of the most important elements in your business, your customers are impacted directly by your packaging so, in every respect, it is vital that your e-commerce packaging contributes towards a positive experience.

If your product warrants it, the inside of your e-commerce packaging boxes can be printed and used to ‘wow’ your customers, to build your relationship or to educate them to the value of your brand or product – all of which will enhance and support your brand.

Even if your product is not in need of a picture or colourful design the inside of your e-commerce packaging boxes is still an excellent place to put your sales messages. They will help to keep you at the top of their mind – it will also show that you value what is inside!

Well thought out e-commerce packaging that supports your products, brand and sales messages are far more likely to be retained leading to repeat sales.

E-Commerce packaging boxes are a great opportunity so contact us now to discuss how you can benefit from well-designed boxes.

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