It feels as though we’ve been environmentally aware forever, we’ve certainly gotten more and more environmentally responsible over the years, and now Manor Packaging (part of the Fencor Packaging Group) is becoming increasingly environmentally sustainable too.

Back in 2013, Fencor Packaging Group invested, along with strategic partners, in a brand new, high tech corrugated board manufacturing plant with the vision to become a world leading, carbon neutral, sheet feeding facility. That company, CorrBoard UK, began production in 2014 and now has the capacity to produce some 200 million square metres of corrugated sheet board per annum.

In 2016, plans were drawn up to make CorrBoard UK completely self sufficient by building an Anaerobic Digester to supply power.

The £5.5 million Anaerobic Digester was designed to convert waste organic feed stock, ABP 2/3 and food and drink waste into power and heat. This was achieved in October 2019 when sister company, CorrBoard Bio, completed the project and the AD plant came on line.

The surrounding area is home to a large number of food processing companies whose waste provides the 25,000 tonnes of raw material needed to fuel the digester, thereby saving it from being transported to landfill sites around the country. As a by-product, organic fertiliser is produced which is sold for use in the agricultural industry.

CorrBoard AD Plant.1.This highly innovative build sees a world first – a sustainable energy generation facility, fuelled by organic waste, that provides heat and power for the manufacture of corrugated sheet board for the production of sustainable packaging and point of sale.

As we have grown we’ve become more and more focused on our environmental responsibilities. As an environmentally aware company we long ago introduced practices into the business that would have a real impact and considered ourselves to be an environmentally friendly organisation, not just paying lip service, but really making a difference.

As we’ve progressed and developed, environmental sustainability has become more and more important to us.

The whole group operates on an environmentally responsible footing, with each division having best practice for each and every area, from buying sustainable supplies to the effective and most ecologically sound methods of recycling waste products into energy  … so that it is useful not wasted.

Now, we’re delighted to be see the completion of a project that makes part of the Group self-sufficient for its gas and electricity.

anaerobic-digestion-how_it_worksAs a manufacturer that uses 18 million square metres of corrugated board per annum just for our own manufacturing, the ability to be able to buy raw product from our sister company creating its own gas and electricity is huge.

The site produces enough electricity to power 1,500 homes. As a plant only needing half that, the AD makes CorrBoard one of the most environmentally efficient sheet feeder plants in the world. The modular design of the AD plant allows for output to be increased as production expands.

Not only does the new AD plant provide all the energy that CorrBoard requires, it also feeds its excess energy back into the National Grid.

A company spokesman commented “CorrBoard Bio is a bold statement to our customers who genuinely want to procure corrugated packaging with strong ecological credentials. This is a timely venture providing greener solutions and industry leading benefits for consumers of paper-based packaging”.

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