Transport boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, transit boxes, shipping boxes – what you call them isn’t important, the important thing is that they must protect your goods effectively, perhaps instruct the distributors and promote your brand if wanted.

Transit boxes used for shipping your products often require as much thinking and planning as many of the other areas of corrugated packaging and cardboard boxes.

Your outer boxes can carry instructions, your brand marketing messages as well as colourful and well defined graphics promoting both your products and your brand. The corrugated board used will be chosen from a wide range to provide you with boxes that are designed to protect your product throughout its journey and, if required, to promote or instruct as well.

If you are looking for food packaging, our BRC/IoP food hygiene accreditation validates our suitability as a supplier. Whatever you have destined for the retailers, you will be able to rely on the supply, the quality and the consistency of your corrugated boxes or transit boxes from Manor Packaging to do exactly what you expect of them.

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