Can Our New Gluer Help You Reduce Your Reliance on Temporary Labour By Reducing Packing Times?

It might seem a little strange to be looking forward to our new Vega Gluer box making machine being installed in January, but we are.

It’s not really the gluer itself that’s the exciting part but what it will allow us to do for our customers.

The Vega Gluer is such a versatile machine that it’ll allow for a greater range of crash lock box sizes to be produced and a far wider range of materials to be used.

Crash lock boxes are so adaptable and, because they’re so quick and easy to put together, they’re also the most efficient box for fast packing and can quite dramatically increase productivity.

If you’re not familiar with crash lock boxes, they’re often referred to as multipoint cartons, they’re glued on the base in two places to create the crash-lock, with a further glue point on the seam. They can make life much easier for packers and, in turn, streamline your production line.

Glued crash lock boxes are delivered flat for cost effective transportation and storage and are designed so that the bottom sections fold out and click into place. They lock together to create a very rigid and secure box with no additional sealing or taping needed, which can really speed up your packing process.

They’re a very practical packing solution when you need to assemble large numbers of boxes quickly and when you need a strong box, perhaps for heavy items.

If you have operatives that spend their days erecting and assembling boxes, crash-lock boxes bring the added benefit of reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury (or RSI).

Furthermore, if you’re regularly looking for temporary labour to assemble boxes, crash-lock boxes can dramatically reduce that need.

Supplied printed or plain, crash lock boxes can be designed and manufactured to your exact requirements. Just contact our Structural Design Team who will be happy to help you decide which material is best suited for the boxes you need.

So, in summary, crash lock boxes:

  • Are excellent for production lines focussed on reducing packing time and improving productivity.
  • Can be erected in a split second.
  • Mean no additional tape is needed to seal the base of the box, so can reduce the cost of the total pack.
  • By adding a self-seal strip, can be filled and sealed ready to despatch, without additional tape – making them ideal for e-commerce packaging.
  • Are more environmentally friendly than a taped box.
  • Adjustable packing heights can be applied to this style box increasing versatility
    of the pack negating the need for void fill material.
  • Come in a wide range of single and double wall strengths and are fully printable.
  • Crash lock boxes reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury.

Just some of the reasons why we’re really looking forward to taking delivery of our new Vega Gluer in January.