Becoming the UK’s Premier Independent Temporary 3D Display Designer and Manufacturer

Easypack POP displays infographic

As you’ll be able to see from our infographic, this is a digital print journey for Easypack.

We’ve been around as a business since 1978 and been part of the Fencor Packaging Group since 2010 and it’s been quite a journey.

In 2012 we reviewed the market place against our capabilities and capacity and took a deliberate decision to begin a protracted programme of investment in order to create a service that would deliver on the needs of the market place both now and for the foreseeable future.

So, having completed a great deal of research, in 2013 we invested £600,000 in our first bone-fide, production quality, digital printer from Hewlett-Packard.

Once the installation was complete our digital print capacity was 650,000 square metres per annum – equivalent to approximately 215,000 ‘average’ display units.

Importantly, our ability to offer shorter run lengths and to reduce turnaround times increased greatly.

2014 saw another £600,000 invested with the introduction of our second HP digital printer, doubling our capacity to 1.3 million square meters, equal to around 430,000 average display units. These figures are based upon a 60% bed utilisation on half continental shifts (6 x 12 hour shifts).

A major change took place in 2014 and was the culmination of three years’ work. Together with a number of strategic partners we opened our own corrugated board plant. A 320,000 square foot, £10 million facility in Scunthorpe, dedicated to producing corrugated board to ensure consistency and quality of supply for each of the partners.

Whilst it was a major undertaking, it has proved very worthwhile. The stability of supply and the consistently high quality gives our clients a distinct advantage in a competitive market place.

By mid-2016 we were ready for another digital press to replace the first one bought in 2013. A £750,000 investment resulted in the delivery and installation of the latest HP Scitex digital printer bringing our capacity to 1.625 million square metres, 250% above the capacity capability we had in 2013.

With every investment we are increasing our capacity and fulfilling our goals of creating a business purposefully tailored to meet customer demand, ensuring everything we design and manufacture is fit for purpose and meets retailer guidelines.

The latest investment to date was in the Spring of this year when we replaced the second HP press, installed in 2014, with the latest offering, again from Hewlett-Packard. With an investment of £1.2 million we now have 2.7 million square metres of capacity with our current shift patterns, which is an increase of 415% on where we began.

With 267 employees across four plant locations, an investment of £3.8 million since 2013 and the drive and even more plans for the future, we’re well on our way to becoming the premier, independent designer and manufacture of temporary 3D displays in the UK.